Network Qualification and Rehab

Network Mapping and Testing, sometimes referred to as Network Qualification and Verification testing is a specialty of ours.  When new technology is being installed onto an active network one of the worst things you can have happen is finding out that your existing network media is not up to the task!  VCT can come to your site during or after hours and map out your network drops throughout your facility and test each cable to be sure it is capable of supporting your new equipments needs.  Additionally, this same process is a great investment when you inherit an existing network in a new facility.

One other service that VCT offers in Network Rehab.  We have all seen it. The network rack/cabinet/closet with 30 foot patch cables stretched up and down your rack, abandoned patch cable ends sticking out of a bundle of wires in front of your switches, the ventilation ports on your valuable equipment clogged with dust.  This is every IT director, CIO, and Business Owners worst nightmare, even if they do not realize it.  Communications Network Equipment must be maintained correctly to prolong its life cycle and keep costs down.  Time spent in a network room looking for that one cable connection during a crisis is money down the drain.  Let VCT come in and perform your maintenance on your equipment to keep in running like new.

Services offered:

- Network Equipment Chassis Cleanout and documentation

- Network Cabling Rehab in the Equipment Room and at the work station

- UPS Testing and Verification

- Network Mapping, Documentation, and Qualification testing.

- Custom Fit Cables for the Equipment Room and at the work station.

Please contact VCT's professional support staff to see how maintaining the integrity of your physical network can save you time and money.

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